Photography found me in 2008 after a high school wrestling injury left me unable to walk for months. To pass the time I picked up a camera, and when I was able to get out of bed again, I crutched around with it experimenting with light and exploring photoshop. It took a good five years for me to take a photo I was happy with, but I kept going. I was compelled to learn everything I could and motivated by making mistakes and learning something new from those mistakes. To this day I view photography in this way – as a never-ending learning experience to grow from. 

My work is intricate, complex, and deep. I am known for weaving emotion and imagery together in a way that I hope can be described as timeless. I would describe myself as a student of the art rather a professional photographer as I do not limit the scope of my work based on my career. Creating imagery is an art form that is never-ending, and I create because it is in my design to do so. My photography is a collection of emotions and experiences. Through it, I can express joy, brokenness, triumph, or simply just create for the purpose of creating. In each photograph, I am sharing my passion and love of creating, and it is the highest privilege to hear from people it resonates with.


Vishnu Rajan
Commercial Filmmaker & Photographer


Portland, Oregon
United States
Instagram - @northwestoverlanding
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